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How Sod Farms Win Loyal Buyers

Uncover the truth behind what your buyers are saying and learn how you can elevate your sod farming practices to meet their expectations.


Did you know that the majority of your clients are having concerns when it comes to sod purchasing?!

Here are a few issues buyers are facing when it comes to sod farms:

One of the issues when it comes to sod farms is the square foot count when it comes to pallets. Even if you have an auto-counting harvester, you may still need to count the load to verify it calibrates correctly.

Sod Farms fail to harvest full pallets.

Being short on square footage causes the installer to either run behind on a job or lose money. From a business standpoint, this is not only unprofessional but also hinders the ability to provide the highest quality service to clients. When shorted on square footage by sod farms it not only stops them from finishing our jobs on time, but it also gives the business a bad rep. Here’s an example of what we lose when sod farmers are not paying attention to quantity or quality. :

450 Square Feet in a Pallet, 16 Square Feet in a row, 28 row pallet

Example Pallet Delivery with short count

  • #1=23 Rows
  • #2=23 Rows
  • #3=27 Rows
  • #4=25 Rows
  • #5=24 Rows

Short 23 rows x 16sqft =368sqft short

$246.00 in grass at the current retail price!

That’s in addition to the 2 extra hours we have to spend to get more grass which is an extra $50 in labor!

Plus an additional $200 in drive time for the crew going back to the house!

We can’t get paid until the job is done!

*Time is wasted and our next install is delayed*

Use more weed control to avoid having upset buyers. Clients expect to have pure grass, free of weeds.

There is nothing worse than getting Dallis grass, Johnson grass, crabgrass, nutsedge delivered with grass and having to see a beautiful install full of weeds. Consistent quality in grass helps to build the sod farm's reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider. It can help reduce the risk of costly and time-consuming property owner maintenance. Providing weed-free grass is an investment in the client's satisfaction and the profitability of their operation.

Be aware of market trends and the demand for Zoysia grass. Get ahead of the trends and start planting new fields with Zoysia if possible.

Consider devoting a portion of your farm to cover this growing need. The high demand increases costs for consumers while Zoysia already takes a longer time to establish compared to other grass.

Sod farms not maintaining sod and allowing for weeds

As sod farmers, it's crucial to prioritize the needs and satisfaction of your clients to build lasting relationships and earn their loyalty. By ensuring high-quality grass, having accurate counts, and attending to customers needs you will not only improve your business but also win the loyalty and trust of your customers. Let’s work together to create a better, more sustainable future in the sod farming industry.

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