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Local Zoysia Grass Supplier and Installer in DFW

Local Zoysia Grass Supplier and Installer in DFWIt’s tough being a homeowner. We know you’re tired of landscaping and dealing with patches of dead grass in your yard.  At Zoysia Grass Sod, we aim to provide homeowners like you with a fantastic green lawn with our Zoysia sod in DFW!

Why Zoysia Grass is Best for Your Lawn

Zoysia grass is designed to improve the turf quality in your lawn in DFW. When you are simply tired of looking at dirt patches and want a little more green in your life, Zoysia sod is the go-to for many property owners.

Zoysia Sod Types

We offer several unique types of Zoysia sod:

  • Fine Blade – A fine-textured grass that has been called “the most beautiful zoysia on the market today.”
  • Medium Blade – The perfect medium texture, high-density turf for shady lawns.

Zoysia Sod Cost

Zoysia sod is designed to be affordable. It’s a cost-effective alternative to other landscaping options, artificial turf. Before we begin any work, you’ll receive a free estimate, so you’ll know the cost ahead of time!

We Are the Best Zoysia Grass Supplier Near You

As a locally owned and operated grass supplier and installer, we’re able to provide you with quick and efficient services. When you need a beautiful lawn, we’re just a phone call away.

Zoysia Sod Installation by Experts

Our team of landscaping experts performs every installation. We take into account irrigation systems, bumps, hills, and the unique characteristics that make your lawn yours.


Does Zoysia grass grow well in DFW?

Absolutely — Zoysia grass is designed to work well in the DFW climate and for any use imaginable.

How long does it take for Zoysia grass to fill in?

With our expert complete lawn installation, you’ll have a complete new lawn immediately!