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Local Zoysia Grass Supplier and Installer in McKinney

Think of Zoysia grass as that grass that’s totally low maintenance. You want your life to run smooth, well, Zoysia is going to allow you to not think of your lawn. Fertilize it a couple times a year and leave it alone. Mow it once a week, but it’s going to be a slow grower. It’s going to need no weed control because it’s going to choke out weeds for you. It’s pretty dig on drought tolerance. So whenever the city of McKinney says, “Hey, we’re on drought restrictions”, your lawn is not going to go blond and dormant because Zoysia grass is a very drought tolerant grass. So you need to give it a try. You need to take a look at it. We got a bunch of addresses around here. If you want to drive by some of our installs, you can do that too. McKinney residents should definitely consider a Zoysia sod installation.