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Local Zoysia Grass Supplier and Installer in Murphy


Hey guys. If you’re looking for a Zoysia sod installation out here in Murphy, Texas, we’ve got some awesome stuff for you. We do service Murphy and we have some awesome clients out here.

So whether you’re in Murphy or Plano, Allen, Richardson, all these kinds of areas out here, you’ve got a lot of lawns out here, if you want to come by and see some of our properties, just ask for us to send you that list and you can drive by and see houses like the one right here, where we’ve got a nice, awesome Zoysia sod installation and this grass has been in the in the ground for just a couple of months.

You can see over here we even came out and did a little bit of warranty work last week. I got some fresh squares put down. We had a few that just didn’t make it so of course, we do have a limited warranty. We have about five squares per pallet that we will replace, if you have any trouble at all.

For whatever reason, we don’t know why, but some of it went bad. We came right out, fixed it for him, and now he’s going to have a nice complete, awesome, great lawn. So that little area will be just fine. In just another couple of weeks, those squares will grow together. It’ll look great.

So anyways, if you’re out here in Murphy, Texas, you’re looking for a Zoysia sod installation. And if you’re looking for a new lawn, you should be considering Zoysia because it is the best grass that you could get, whether it’s for sun or for shade, whether you’re looking for that golf course look, or you’re just trying to fix an erosion problem.

Zoysia’s the best grass for you. It’s not as a widespread known as Bermuda and St. Augustine, but there’s a lot of drawbacks of those types of grasses that Zoysia really picks up the quality and the versatility and you just really need to consider what Zoysia could do for you in different situations.

So Zoysia is a very versatile grass for you guys out here in Murphy. You’re looking for a new lawn, contact us at ZoysiaSod.com and we’ll get you a quick bid real quick.

We do a little satellite thing where we can look at your lawn, measure it real quick, and give you a project quote and have you that within 24 hours. Anyways, consider that and really dig into Zoysia grass. I’m kind of a Zoysia geek. I’m a really big fan of it. I know it’s the best lawn for you. So let’s get started with that. And I’ll see you in just a couple of days when you ask me to come out and walk the property with you.