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Local Zoysia Grass Supplier and Installer in Plano, TX

Local Zoysia Grass Supplier and Installer Plano, TXYour lawn is an ever-changing and ever-demanding part of your home. It’s tough to be a homeowner and enjoy the fruits of your labor when you’re always out mowing or weeding the yard. To beat the most dreadful aspect of being a homeowner — lawncare — we provide Zoysia sod and grass installation in Plano, TX.

Why Zoysia Grass Is Best for Your Lawn

Zoysia grass was engineered to be sturdy and attractive. That’s not all, though. This sod was meant to save you money. With less maintenance overall, you can finally sell that bulky lawnmower, eliminate dirt spots, and enjoy a green lawn year round.

Zoysia Sod Types

We offer homeowners a few options when it comes to Zoysia sod and grass, including:

  • Fine Blade — A finely-textured blade of grass that is popular for residential lawns.
  • Medium Blade — A medium-textured grass best used for sports fields and medians.

Zoysia Sod Cost

The cost of Zoysia sod is what sets it apart from the rest. It is an affordable, cost-effective solution that will wind up saving you money in the long run. We’ll provide you with a complete estimate before we start the installation process.

We Are the Best Zoysia Grass Supplier Near You

At Zoysia Sod, we’re committed to being the best Zoysia sod and grass supplier in Plano, TX. We’re able to offer top-notch grass services year round.

Zoysia Sod Installation by Experts

The installation process is a mix of science and art. We’ve perfected the process to ensure your new Zoysia sod or grass is durable and attractive long after we’ve left.


Does Zoysia grass grow well in Plano?

Absolutely. Zoysia sod and grass are designed to grow in warm climates, like the one here in Plano.

How long does it take for Zoysia grass to fill in?

With professional installation and care, you’ll have results in no time at all!

For today’s top Zoysia sod and grass installation in Plano, call 214-317-8301!