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Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer in Denton

Expert Sod Installation in Denton, Texas

Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer in DentonIf you want an immediate boost to your property’s value and a simpler lawn care situation, installing sod is the way to go! However, not all sod installation companies are the same. Zoysia Sod offers expert sod installation services, including lawn leveling and soil amendments. Our goal is to ensure that every Denton client has reliable, beautiful sod in place that requires limited maintenance and lasts for many years to come.  

Benefits of Zoysia Grass for Your Denton Lawn

When you choose Zoysia Sod for your Denton lawn, you will enjoy a variety of benefits. For example, with Zoysia sod in place, you won’t need to worry about watering or irrigating your lawn like you would with traditional grass. Your lawn will look better, and it will be soft to the touch. Even if you have poor soil or lots of shade, you can still install Zoysia sod successfully. 

Types of Zoysia Grass Sod

When you select Zoysia Sod for your sod installation needs, you can choose from many different varieties of Zoysia grass. Although each of these varieties offers its own unique advantages, two of our most popular selections amongst Denton home and business owners are Palisades Zoysia and Zeon Zoysia. 

Our Palisades Zoysia is our most shade-tolerant variety of sod. It is a medium-blade sod with a high density and thickness. Palisades Zoysia can tolerate most conditions, including extreme drought, with minimal care. It will tolerate low mowing, and it also has limited fertilization needs. If you are looking for a low-maintenance, hardy lawn, this is the right choice for you! 

Our Zeon Zoysia is a rich-green sod with a fine texture. It is one of the most beautiful varieties of Zoysia available on the market. In addition, Zeon Zoysia is incredibly soft, making it the ideal choice for customers who want a comfortable lawn. Zeon Zoysia is a low-maintenance option that can tolerate high levels of shade, poor soil, and drought conditions without much intervention. It is ideal for use on golf courses, at resorts, and in your own front yard. 

About Denton, Texas

Denton is the county seat of Texas’s Denton County. Its estimated population exceeds 141,000 people, making it one of the larger cities in the area. It is considered a part of the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area. Because of the climate in Denton, both residential and commercial locations in this area can benefit from sod installation. 

If you are ready to improve your Denton lawn with the help of sod installation, please contact Zoysia Sod today!