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Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer in Lantana

Expert Sod Installation in Lantana, TX

Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer LantanaWant a lush lawn on your Lantana property that won’t dwindle in a drought? How about grass that won’t die in the shade? Then it’s time to trade in your finicky Saint Augustine or Bermuda grass for lush, long-lasting Zoysia grass sod! As one of the hardiest grass varieties available today, Zoysia grass can tolerate harsh weather conditions better than any other type of grass. Even better, its high-density, lush growth pattern provides an incredible barefoot feel while delivering unmatched aesthetic appeal. If you’re ready to have the nicest lawn on the block, then you need Zoysia. No other grass will do.

Benefits of Zoysia Grass for Your Lantana Lawn

What makes Zoysia grass so special? Why do discerning Lantana homeowners and commercial property owners prefer it over any other type of grass? Here are just a few of the benefits of installing Zoysia grass:

  • Zoysia grass requires far less maintenance than standard types of grass like Bermuda or Saint Augustine.
  • Depending on the variety, Zoysia grass can thrive with as little as three hours of sun exposure per day.
  • Due to its unique root structure, Zoysia grass prevents persistent weeds from growing through the turf.
  • Zoysia grass helps protect against soil erosion and foundation water damage due to its dense, interconnected root structure.
  • Zoysia grass resists disease better than many other grass types.

Types of Zoysia Grass Sod

As expert sod installers near Lantana, our team is capable of installing different types of grass. However, we’d be remiss not to mention our two favorites: Palisades Zoysia grass and Zeon Zoysia grass. What sets these two apart? Over the years, we’ve found that Palisades and Zeon grass offer superior aesthetic appeal and longevity. If you’ve been considering installing Zoysia grass, here’s why we think you should consider these two types:

  • Zeon Zoysia. A fine-blade, high-density grass, Zeon Zoysia has been featured around the world at some of the highest-end properties and events. Featured at the 2016 Olympic Games golf course and five-star resorts, Zeon Zoysia grass is the go-to choice for visual appeal, barefoot feel, and low-maintenance longevity.
  • Palisades Zoysia. A medium-blade, high-density grass, Palisades Zoysia is the most shade-tolerant species of grass we carry. Due to its superior drought and shade tolerance, it can withstand harsher weather conditions than most other types of grass. Even better, Palisades Zoysia grass is thicker, denser, and far more lush than standard grass species.

Have questions about which type of grass is best for your location and landscaping design? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask! Our expert team is always ready to provide suggestions on the best grass options for your needs.

About Lantana, TX

Located in Southern Denton County, Lantana, TX, is a masterfully planned, upscale, family-friendly community just outside the Dallas–Fort Worth metro area. As the recipient of more customer service and industry awards than any other town in the DFW metro, Lantana is one of the area’s top-selling communities. The town’s commitment to the quality of life of its residents and environmental preservation make the area a perfect place to settle down with family.

If you’re ready to have one of the most appealing lawns in Lantana, we’re here to help you achieve it! Give us a call today at 469-802-0424, or request your free quote to get started!