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Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer in Northlake

Zoysia Grass Sod Installer NorthlakeIf you are a Northlake home or business owner who is not looking forward to constantly watering, weeding, and fertilizing your lawn this summer, call Zoysia Sod today. We provide expert installers who will perform a series of proactive measures to ensure your new sod thrives with little maintenance. Drought-, heat-, and pest-resistant Zoysia grass is the lushest, greenest grass type Northlake and surrounding-area residents can grow in the harsh Texas climate.

Expert Sod Installation in Northlake, TX

There is much more to installing sod than just laying squares of pre-grown grass on top of soil. When you hire our expert sod installers in Northlake, you get technicians who will:

  • Prepare soil for sod laying by clearing away debris and smoothing soil for even-laying sod
  • Test soil for nutrient quality and pH level
  • Ensure soil is properly watered so that new sod roots will grow deep and strong
  • Provide valuable information about what you can expect from your new Zoysia sod

Benefits of Zoysia Grass for Your Northlake Lawn

All types of Zoysia grass grow exceptionally well in shade, heat, drought, and cold conditions. Fertilization is not necessary in most cases, as Zoysia grass develops deep root systems that can access water and nutrients during times of climate stress. In addition, Northlake lawn owners will be happy to know that Zoysia grass requires mowing less than three or four times a year.

Zoysia grass is also one of the most disease, weed, and insect resistant grass available. During winter, Zoysia grass lies dormant and develops a gorgeous golden-brown shade instead of dying off like other grasses. In early spring, you’ll watch in awe as Zoysia grass turns a healthy, dark-green color before other grasses.

Types of Zoysia Grass Sod

Northlake home and business owners have several types of Zoysia grass from which to pick, such as Zoysia japonica, Zoysia matrella and Zoysia emerald. Our professional Zoysia grass sod installers recommend these two above all others:

Zeon Zoysia

  • Exhibits excellent tolerance to shade, drought, pests and disease
  • Requires little watering during hot summer months — only about one inch of water per week
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear, which makes Zeon Zoysia a great choice for playgrounds and sports fields
  • Tolerates lowered mower blades

Palisades Zoysia

  • Low water, mowing, and fertilizer requirements
  • Provides deep-green, high density, lush turf for home and commercial lawns
  • Rapidly recuperates and regrows if damaged by extreme weather
  • Presents minimal seed heads

About Northlake, TX

Located in Denton County, Northlake, TX is a small, friendly town lying northwest of the popular Grapevine Lake. When they aren’t enjoying the beauty of their Zoysia grass lawns, Northlake residents head to Grapevine Lake for fishing, boating and swimming activities.

Have more time to enjoy swimming, biking ,and vacationing this summer by installing Zoysia sod today. Call Zoysia Sod for more information about our sod installation services in Northlake, TX.