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Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer in Carrollton

Zoysia Grass Sod Installer CarrolltonIf you are moving into a newly constructed Carrollton home or commercial building, installing Zoysia grass sod is the quickest and best way to transform that desolate, dirt-filled landscape into a luxuriously lush carpet of soft green grass. Since Texas summers are arid and hot, grass seed must be planted at just the right time so it can establish a strong system of roots. Our Zoysia grass sod is already cultivated and established so you don’t have to constantly water and fertilize grass seed.

We are the #1 Zoysia grass sod installation company servicing Carrollton and surrounding areas. Call today to learn more about why Zoysia grass is the first choice of Carrollton home and business owners.

Expert Sod Installation in Carrollton, TX

To ensure your new Zoysia grass sod thrives in its new home, depend only on the professional sod installers we employ at Zoysia Sod. Laying sod requires in-depth knowledge about soil quality, adequate moisture when laying the sod, and enough pressure on sod pieces to promote contact with established roots and underlying soil. If not done properly, sod installation can result in grass that fails to thrive and unnecessary expenses involved in resodding your lawn.

Benefits of Zoysia Grass for Your Carrollton Lawn

When you choose to install Zoysia grass sod at your Carrollton home or business, you get an instantly attractive lawn that is much healthier than seeded lawns. Zoysia sod quickly establishes a strong root system capable of accessing moisture deep underground during times of heat and drought. In addition, Zoysia grass sod installation is also more cost-effective than lawn seeding since you don’t need to fertilize or apply herbicides. Zoysia grass naturally resists weed overgrowth, insects, fungus, and other problems Carrollton homeowners struggle with when trying to cultivate a beautiful, thick lawn.

Types of Zoysia Grass Sod

We offer a wide variety of Zoysia grass types to our Carrollton customers and those in the surrounding area. However, we recommend two special types of Zoysia grasses — Zeon and Palisades.

Zeon Zoysia Grass

  • Drought, heat, and shade tolerant
  • Soft, deep-green blades that offer stunning visual appeal
  • Stays verdant through late fall and early spring
  • Available through licensed vendors only

Palisades Zoysia Grass

  • Requires little watering
  • Tolerates close mowing (1/2 inch), which makes it great for use on golf courses
  • Regrows rapidly with minimal seed heads
  • Reduced trimming needs thanks to vertical growth pattern

About Carrollton, TX

Carrollton, TX, spans three counties — Collin, Dallas and Denton — and is one of the state’s most populous cities. Carrollton is famous for its historic downtown area, where residents and tourists enjoy antique shops and boutiques and marvel at 19th-century architecture.

Zoysia Sod is your home for all your Zoysia sod installation needs in Carrollton. Call us today for more information about the benefits of Zoysia grass and for a free estimate.