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Local Zoysia Grass Sod Installer in Allen

Zoysia Grass Installation in Allen, TXNothing looks better than a healthy, colorful lawn. However, getting a green, beautiful lawn is easier said than done. There is a lot that goes into lawn care, and it’s more than just giving your lawn a fresh mow every week or so. You need the right type of sod that is built to stay healthy and green for many years to come. For that, you need the experts at Zoysia Sod.

Expert Sod Installation in Allen, Texas

If you want to have a top-notch lawn that is healthy and vibrant, then pick up the phone and call Zoysia Sod today. We’re proud to be a very experienced and trustworthy sod installation company that serves homeowners in Allen, Texas. We are happy to provide the cleanest looking, finest-textured grass on the market today! In fact, our Zeon Zoysia sod is rated as the best turf in terms of quality.

Benefits of Zoysia Grass for Your Allen Lawn

Not very knowledgeable about Zoysia grass? Want to learn more about the advantages? Zoysia grass was first introduced in Asia more than 100 years ago. Today, this type of sod is used throughout the United States and across the world. Check out some of the leading benefits of this type of grass:


The look of this grass is why it is loved by so many. It gives off a very lush look with a dark-green appearance.

Limited Maintenance

Compared to other grasses, Zoysia grass requires moderate maintenance. This is partly due to the fact that it is very water efficient. This grass only needs about a half-inch of weekly rain in order to live.

Types of Zoysia Grass Sod

There are many different varieties of Zoysia grass, all with their own unique qualities and characteristics. Depending on what type of look you have in mind, there is an option out there that is ideal for your needs. Take a look at the many varieties of Zoysia grass sod on the market today:

  • Carrizo
  • Cavalier
  • Chinese common
  • Compadre
  • Crowne
  • Cutlass
  • Diamond
  • El Toro
  • Emerald
  • Empire
  • Geo
  • Jamur
  • Meyer
  • Palisades
  • Pristine Flora
  • Royal
  • Ultimate Flora
  • Y-2
  • Zenith
  • Zeon
  • Zorro

Our team is happy to install a wide variety of sod types, but our specialties are Zeon and Palisades.

About Allen, Texas

Allen, Texas, is a city located in Collin County. With a population of over 100,000, this is a city home to many families. Due to the warm summers and mild winters, this area is very suitable for sustaining a gorgeous lawn.

Call Zoysia Sod today to find the perfect grass for your Allen, TX home!

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