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How Not To Install Sod

Sod installation was done improperly.

Look how high this is over here.

See this? Boom. Four to five-inch rise from the concrete up to where it’s been sodded a couple of times. Maybe it’s been patched multiple times for years and years. Maybe it’s a 20-year-old lawn. We don’t know. But you do see the problem, how it’s a heck of a step up.
Now, let’s suppose this guy needed a new sod job this week. Guess what the other guy’s going to do? He’s going to come here, shave off the green stuff, slap some soil down, if you’re lucky, but probably not. And he’s going to sod on top of that, so you’re going to have another two inches, and it’s going to be horrible. A few weeks later the old sod will still be alive and try to take back over the lawn.
See these sprinkler heads, how high they’re mounted?

Sprinkler heads are supposed to be mounted at the concrete level.

How Not To Install Sod
Sod installation without grading.

This one’s about three and a half inches high. Look, this is about three inches high. All the sprinkler heads in this whole run are that high. But pay attention to this. It will be hard to mow the yard and not scalp the edges?
Because, quite frankly, the guys are going to run a wheel over here, because trying to get all the way to the edge, if they put their wheels up here, they’re not going to mow this last couple inches. Of course, every lawn care guy wants to do the best job possible and get all the grass. But in doing so on this lawn, he would have to run his wheel on the concrete. And in doing so, he’s going to scalp the edge there.

That’s why when we install our sod, we’ll get rid of all that excess soil with Proper Grading.

  1. First, we’re going to kill the lawn, of course. We want to get rid of the old grass.
  2. Then we’re going to scrape the old lawn off with a sod cutter.
  3. And then we’re going to run that sod cutter back and forth about five more times, inch, by inch, by inch. We’re going to get down to the level of this, then we’re going to go two inches lower, because when we bring our sod out, we’re going to have some compost mix that we’re going to amend the soil with, and then we’re going to have about an inch of the half of soil that comes with our sod. And so then we’re going to be flush with the concrete, so that when we mow it, we’re not scalping these edges. Guess what else we’re going to do?

We’re going to drop the height of these sprinkler heads down to a proper level, so that your mowing guy doesn’t clip them off.

We’ve got some work to do on this lawn if he lets us reset his lawn. We’ll see how that goes.
But, anyways, when you’re out there hiring a sod installer, you want to make sure that they’re going to not just slap stuff on top of your existing sod height. They’re going to re-level, re-grade and re-plane this stuff, and they better bring a couple of dump trailers, because this lawn, we’ll probably throw away about 14,000 pounds of soil. A lot of work, and that’s why if you get a bid from us to do this job, we might be about a thousand dollars more expensive than the next guy, but you can’t compare apples to apples when we install oranges. I don’t know what else to say, but nobody else is going to do it like we do it. We do a great job. Everybody else is just going to give you a run-of-the-mill sod installation.
So, know what you’re buying before you buy it. Compare the cost, the value, all that kind of good stuff. But if you want another two to three inches on top of this already high lawn, well, pay a thousand dollars less and you’re going to have it, but not from our company. ZoysiaSod.com. We install it correctly.

Published by Tanner Maxson

CEO of Main Street Mowing and also the owner of this website showcasing our Zoysia installations. I love Zoysia grass and take a moment and geek out with me a little bit. Review some of the other blog posts I have written.

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