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Compost Soil is Best For Sod Installation

Compost Soil For FlowerMound Yard

We’re out here today in Flower Mound. I’m excited because it’s a new year of grass installation, making awesome parkways, awesome lawns, hiding tree roots that are exposed, and working with shady lawns, sunny lawns, all that kind of good stuff.
Today we’re in Flower Mound and we’re putting some new soil down to cover up some of these erosion areas. There was a big old gash in the middle of these two trees where the water was just running down. These roots were exposed by about two inches on top of the top soil because it had all just kind of run down. So we buried those tree roots out here. The guys have some beautiful, awesome compost mix soil. This compost mix soil is pretty awesome.
So I guess let’s talk about compost today. Compost, it’s such a great topic. But it’s always warm whenever you get compost. And that’s because obviously when it decomposes and all that kind of stuff, a lot of stuff takes place in there. And it kind of cooks the organic material that you have whenever you’re composting, whether they’re throwing in shrubs or chip mulch, some mix and some soil into it. It starts to decompose and creates that warmth. And the good thing about that warmth is once it’s about 130, 140 degrees or something inside of that mulch pile, it’s going to roast all the weed seeds that are inside of that compost. If you have a fear that you’re going to get this compost soil from us, and it’s going to bring all these weeds into your yard, it’s not going to do that because all those things are roasted with the temperature of the compost. So that’s a pretty cool feature of what compost does. Gee whiz, Tanner. That’s pretty cool.
So anyways, guys are out. Look at this guy, hustling…

Using Compost Soil

Speaker 2: Having fun.

Tanner Maxson: Hustling, having fun, earning a paycheck, making an awesome yard. We’re going to go in the back and see what’s going on back here. We spent the morning leveling the yard up and we marked some sprinkler heads. And this is a pretty cool lawn. They put it in a brand new fence. They’re doing some work on the inside. They’re just spending that money to make their quality of life go up. And of course, we’re going to dress it up with the final bit and put on a great new, awesome Zoysia lawn back here. This cool little water feature.

Speaker 3: … guys. We’ve got to make sure we’ve got enough here. We have extra-

Tanner Maxson: Performance over there. Giving out the law. Guys are saying, “Yes, sir, we can rock and roll.”
Anyways. We’re out here. We tilled up this whole area. First we killed it out, of course. That’s what we do, is we kill out the old vegetation and till it all up. We marked our little property line here where we’re going to install the grass, because these trees we’re going to provide a little bit too much shade over here. So this is our go or no go for grass kind of area. And then this area’s going to all get rocked up, put some nice gravel pad or something over there. And then this whole backyard, there’s going to be huge play area. So that’s going to be awesome. And it’s all been tilled up and leveled up, new soil compost put down. And of course the next step is that awesome grass that’s out there on the front. I think we’re doing Zeon Zoysia here on this property. I’ll have to go out there and see. I forget.
But anyways, great stuff. If you guys want to get just the best sod install you can, we’ll level it up. We’ll level these sprinkler heads, point to everything in the right direction.

Tanner Maxson: All right. You might learn some Spanish watching our videos. You learning any Spanish today?

Speaker 2: I know I have this last week.

Zoysia Grass with ZoysiaSod

Tanner Maxson: All right. Anyway, we’re having fun. Hope you guys are having fun too. We’d love to come have fun on your property. Install an awesome grass. Go to zoysiasod.com. Have a good one.
All right. Looks like we’re finishing up a little bit. The grass is going down. This is Zeon Zoysia. Little bit differences in the colors on these new squares. And of course you see all the individual squares. That’s going to turn into one nice color here in about five weeks or so. We’ll get some squares in here that’ll die. That’s to be expected and we warranty stuff like that. And then probably in about five weeks, they’re going to want to put their first mow on here. In between now and then they’re going to water like crazy. So they’ll probably water twice a day for a couple weeks and then once a day for weeks three and four, and just keep this area just pretty much saturated. It’s going to pop up some weeds. Any weed seeds that’s out there… The sod farms, they do a pretty good job of making sure that their grass stays weed free on the farm, but we do get some of that. So with all that abundance of water, you are going to get some weeds that pop up.
But the only thing you can do with a new lawn, you don’t want to stress it out and put a weed control down. So you’re just going to have to mow it, and any weeds that are out there just know that eventually that stuff’s going to go away after you remove that abundance of water that we’re putting out. And after about a month or so, when that water starts to taper off, some of these weeds are going to start to go away, but this lawn is going to start to get really strong. Probably after about six months or so, you’re going to have a heck of a weed free lawn, but maybe a few here and there.
Next season though, when this comes out of the spring, out of dormancy, this is going to be just velvet. And that second season is really when you can see the quality of Zoysia grass. Now five weeks from now, they’re going to be stinking happy, because they had a couple extra trees in here and this place was pretty much a dirt path anyway. Even if it was a nice Bermuda lawn, it’s never going to do what this lawn will be like in about five weeks.
So anyways, just getting finishing up. So first we lay down all of our grass and then we come back in and we find little spots like this here, where you got a gap between our stuff, and we’ll come in and do the fine details with some machetes and make sure that there’s no gaps like that. But anyways, Zoysia sod, love it. Bye.

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