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Create a Crisp Property Line When Installing Zoysia Sod Grass

How to Create a Property Line

Hey, guys. We’re getting ready to install this new lawn over here with a nice, beautiful, zoysia lawn. The neighbor here has some St. Augustine and it looks like the runners are coming in. You can see them right in here running into the lawn and trying to take over this Bermuda with those long runners. We’re going to spray all this with Roundup and stuff to kill out this turf variety here, but these runners, they run about 36 inches back into the neighbor’s lawn. So if I spray this out here with a Roundup or something, it’s going to carry that chemical into the neighbor’s lawn.

Staying Within Your Yard

So if you look closely, you can see what we’ve done here is we’ve run a stick blade edger in through here, and we’ve cut and severed the ties of all the runners all the way down the St. Augustine area. And that’s going to basically interrupt that pathway of chemical creeping into the neighbor’s lawn. So we don’t want to replace all this stuff over here. That’s costly and neighbor will get mad. So you cut it. You cut several of those ties, do your chemical application on the left here, and then this will all die. This will be a nice, beautiful, straight line all the way down.

Straight, Clean Property Line

And you’re like, “How did you get such a straight line?” Well, we stake right here some string trimmer line, and we go all the way to the end of the property down there, pull it tight, drop it on the ground, and then we can draw our turf paint. And that’s how you get a nice straight line. Stay on your property. Everybody’s happy. There you go.

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