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Trinity Zoysia vs Zeon Zoysia – Fine Blade Zoysia Grass Types

About Trinity Zoysia

This is Trinity Zoysia. I don’t recommend this for the common homeowner, unless you know how to take care of a lawn with chemicals and you’re the golf freak, and you want to study grass and you’re going to make this your hobby. So because it’s a slow grower, slow to repair, excellent for real mowing. So this guy’s cutting it super short. Look at this acorn just kind of sitting up on top here. This is a shortcut, awesome, tight lawn, right? So you’re not going to want to go after a Trinity Zoysia lawn with a rotary mower, because you’ll probably never cut the grass, because the stuff grows short and grows tight. But if you have a real mower and you know how to mix up some chemicals and do your fertilizers and be gentle with it, then this is a sick-looking lawn.

Comparing Each Zoysia Grass

It’s probably one of my favorite lawns. It’s dormant right now, so all the other grass in the neighborhood is nice and yellow and this one’s starting to green up already. Oh, you know what? We’ve got a Zeon lawn right next door. So this is Zeon, we did. So let’s look at them side by side. So here’s where the neighbors meet. So we’ve got Zeon over here and we’ve got Trinity right here, and both lawns are freaking awesome. I’m a fan of Zeon and that lawn looks just stinking amazing. It’s easy to take care of with your normal 21-inch rotary mower. You’re going to have the best lawn in the neighborhood, best lawn in the city. Best lawn, unfortunately, on the block, is this Trinity right now.
So he’s got some discoloration going on. Looks like he had some spot spraying he did late in the fall or maybe over the wintertime. But once this comes out of dormancy, this is all going to be the nice same color. And this is going to be a ridiculous, sick, awesome lawn. So this is what I’d call Trinity dormant.

Zoysia and the Season

So what is today? It’s March 23rd here in Dallas-Fort Worth area. We had a late winter. Everything’s still cold. Most people aren’t even mowing their yard yet, but this has got a lot of green in it. So take a look at that stuff.
So once again, I don’t recommend Trinity unless you’re cutting with real mower and you can take special care of your yard, but you get the rewards because this is a bad to the bone lawn. And I’m not sure that you could get this kind of quality out of a Zeon lawn, unless you are really on your game. But like I said, don’t buy Trinity unless we have a real mower going down on it because it’s a tight little lawn. One more up close. Oh my gosh, that is sick. These blades, they’re just like a dwarf. So I would call that bad to the bone right there.

All right. Another name for Trinity Zoysia is L1F. So I know you guys really want to see this when it’s vibrant and green. It is actually pretty green. I can’t believe how green it is this early in the year. But wait until another three weeks from now, this thing’s going to look like freaking laser beams. It’s going to be awesome. So that’s Trinity. That’s awesome. Bye.

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