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Prizm Zoysia Grass – Ultra Dwarf

Just come up to the local sod broker over here in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. And I stumbled upon this new type of Zoysia grass. Well, new to me at least. I didn’t know this stuff was out here. Bladerunner Farms. They’re the farm out there in Poteet, Texas, that always kind of amazes me with the types of stuff that they show up with. They’re responsible for the Zeon and the JaMur. And there’s a couple of others like Lazer zoysia, which you haven’t seen yet. But they’re responsible for developing a lot of Zoysia grasses. And every time I hear about a new grass, it usually comes from the Bladerunner Farm over there.

About Prism Zoysia Sod

So let’s just check out this new grass that’s, well, new to me, like I said. This is called Prizm and they’re marketing it as the Zoysia grass that is good from the tee all the way to the green. So on golf courses, they’ll use the different bermudagrasses or different Zoysia grasses based on what they want it to look like. They’re going to putt on a different grass and the collars will be a different type of grass. And then the fairways might be a different type of grass. And the problem that persists in that is how do you take care of it, of course. And also when one grass is creeping into the other grass. It’s not a problem that homeowners have, but a problem that golf course folks have. So this grass can be put on your home lawn. And it wants to be mowed from down to a 0.1 inch. So you reel mower guys, all the way up to one inch. So it’s still a really short lawn.

So if you’re using a Toro 21 or something like that, a 21-inch rotary mower, then you’d be mowing it on a setting of one in the front wheels and one in the back wheels. So really slamming it to the ground. If you’re doing it with a real mower, of course you can adjust even lower than that. But check it out. See if we can’t get a really good close look at this awesome, fine-bladed Zoysia grass. It is a Zoysia grass. So it can handle a whole lot more shade than say a bermudagrass. They’re marketing this as needing at least four hours of sunlight. So a little bit more than, say, the Zeon grass or the Palisades, but this is an ultra dwarf kind of grass. So for those guys that want just that real high-end. Now I say Zeon is a real high-end grass too, but this is a super dwarf grass, and it looks freaking, stinking awesome. There’s another grass that’s kind of nice and short called Trinity. Actually, that probably comes out of Bladerunner Farms as well.

Is Prism Zoysia Right For You?

Some of these grasses grow really slow. So if you’re a dog lover, if you have a whole bunch of neighborhood dogs, it was always your grass that’s always going to have trouble because it grows so slow, which is great for maintenance and everything. But what that does is it has a lot of urine stains on Zoysia grass. So any Zoysia grass… And there’s a whole lot of different types of Zoysia grasses over here. But any type of Zoysia grass is going to get those stains. So if I was going to put in an ultra dwarf, which we know that that’s going to grow pretty slow and be just beautiful, I would keep all the dogs away from it for sure. Because it’s like putting that nice, big, hairy dog in your Lamborghini or something like that. You don’t want to contaminate it.

So I would definitely put this in if you’re one of those kinds of lawn lovers, you’re a little bit of a lawn geek. That lawn is probably good for you. I don’t know how good it does with winter hardiness. They say it’s good to zone seven or whatever like that. But there’s some other Zoysia grasses that do better in the winter than others. Zeon, much better in the winter than say Trinity or something like that. Anyways, this, Prizm, I’ve never planted it before, but I am in love with the way it looks. And I’m really excited that this is at my sod wholesaler right here in the DFW, that means I can buy it and put it in your lawn. So Prizm, very cool. They say it needs much less care than a Bermuda lawn.

Benefits of Prism Zoysia

So you’re going to put less fertilizer down, all that kind of stuff. You’re going to mow less often. I would never mow less often. I would mow more often, but you’ll have less clippings. So whenever they say this lawn grows nice and slow and you’re thinking, oh, I can mow every 10 to 14 days. Shame, shame. I know your name. Why not mow it twice a week and get it super thick and get it to look just smooth green, like green concrete, just get it nice and thick. Stripe it up a little bit. Go get yourself up a real mower and really just get the craziest, coolest lawn where people can walk by and you’ll see them on your security cameras. The neighbors will come by, they’ll be like, “Oh, that is real grass. I can’t believe that’s real grass.”

We got to step up our game because we’ll never catch this guy. Anyways. That’s the kind of client I want, people that really love their grass, that don’t mind putting a little extra effort to shine and just bring out the best you can… If you want the best, the best of the best, you’re going to start with Zoysia grass. Anyways, I think this lawn is going to be right up there on the top with one of my favorites. My favorite Zoysia grass right now is Zeon Zoysia. I got to plant some more of this grass. I’ll plant some more, I’ve never planted any of it. Prism Zoysia grass. But I’m going to plant some of this grass. Maybe I’ll do a test plot and we’ll see how this performs against Zeon Zoysia. But dang, boy. That’s only a week old, and it’s the end of the season right now where it’s like October 5th or something.

And boy, it’s nice and green and all good looking stuff. Anyways, you guys can see over here all these different types of grasses. These are a bunch of different types of Zoysia grasses over here. We can talk about all these. We’re talking about doing kind of a little test plot where we can get them all growing side by side and do a little test. And all of you guys that are saying, “I’d like to plant Zoysia grass. I want to get rid of my St. Augustine grass.” Well, see how we’re doing it right here? A lot of my clients do it like this. So you got to put a divider between you and the neighbor. And so the neighbor has St. Augustine. Because you used to have St. Augustine too, but you want to kill out your St. Augustine’s so you can put in the best lawn possible.

You got to put in that border, because that’s St. Augustine is just going to creep over and start trying to take over and infiltrate your Zoysia grass. You don’t want it to do that. Put it in a nice little… A little bit of investment. Not too much. Just a little bit of a chopped stone border. So when those runners kind of jump across, you can whip it real quick with string tremor and stop that from happening so you can maintain the best lawn in the freaking city, buddy. All right, y’all have a good one. Find out more about Zoysia grasses. Always subscribe to our channel. We’ve got videos like this coming out and occasionally we’ll tell you how to take care of it. We’ll come look at it in the spring after it has gone through a full winter. I don’t know, maybe we’ve had another freeze here in Dallas, Fort Worth. We’ll see how it turns out and what it looks like and also how long it’s going to keep its green color all the way through the winter. All right, bye.

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