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Sod Install With Drip Irrigation

Hey guys, let’s talk about drip irrigation. So out here in the parkway in some of these areas, like in Prosper, Texas, different areas it’s required to have drip irrigation if the parkway isn’t wide enough to accommodate pop-up sprays. Because of course, if it’s a really narrow parkway, you’ll have a lot of over-spray. The city doesn’t like to see the water runoff so they require you to have drip irrigation. And so the problem that persists whenever we try to level along with drip irrigation, we end up destroying the whole zone or whatever like that. But you know what? Sometimes it’s just necessary to come out, destroy a whole zone with drip irrigation, just so we can get that perfect awesome level grade.

About Drip Irrigation

So what we do is we’ll come in here with a sod cutter and we’ll totally take it down to the level we want. And then we’ll just kind of put the installation on pause to allow the irrigation technician to come in, replace the zone, and then we can have the proper level and still have a good drip irrigation like is required by the city, and they’ll just replace it. And then we’ll go ahead and install that new lawn at the proper grade. So just because you have drip doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome, beautiful lawn. It just means a little bit of extra work is needed.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

And the final result is going to be well worth it because I don’t know if you can see across the street or whatever, but the soil level’s really high. And if we just come in and put a new lawn on top of that, it’s going to be really high and it’s going to look really silly. And just a little extra work, a little extra scheduling, little extra kind of, I guess, just pain in the neck trying to make this one day install into a two day install or a three day install if we’re waiting on an irrigation tech. It’s well-worth the way to do it the right way. And in the end, we’re going to have a beautiful, awesome lawn.

So anyways, don’t be afraid to re-level your lawn. If you’re going to spend the money on getting an awesome new lawn, you might as well do it the right way. So drip irrigation, while it is a pain in the neck for sod installers, we still can work around that and give you exactly what you need and do it the right way. So adios, guys.

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