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Artificial Turf Matches This Real Zoysia Grass

Are you wondering which Zoysia Grass would match your Artificial Turf the best?

Many folks trying to choose which grass is best for their yard, are wondering the same thing.

Good news, we install a great fine blade zoysia grass that will closely match your Astro turf (artificial turf).

Zoysia matches artificial turf
Zeon Zoysia grass looks like artificial turf.

Astroturf has many things in common with Zeon Zoysia.

  • Texture: You will want to choose a grass that has a dense canopy with more grass blades per square inch than other grasses like Bermuda.
  • Color: A deep dark green is what you will need to match the color closely.  There are many Zoysia grasses that are close but fall short in color.  For example, Emerald Zoysia is a great lawn but the color will look brighter than your dark green artificial turf.  That is another reason Zeon Zoysia is a better option due to its darker green grass blade.
  • Blade Width: A skinny grass blade is what you are trying to match.  Saint Augustine is a wide blade, and Bermuda has a thin blade, however, does not have a dense canopy. There are even Zoysia grasses with a medium blade like Palisades Zoysia that will look good but not next to Artificial turf.  The fine-bladed varieties of Zoysia grasses in North Texas are most commonly Emerald, Zeon, Cavalier, and Zorro.  Zeon being the number one seller is more widely available and luckily a perfect match for Astroturf.

Today we’re out here in McKinney, Texas and I just wanted to touch base with you and show you this awesome Zeon Zoysia we’re putting in.

You can see out here, we got some artificial turf. Let me get out of the way so you can see. Some artificial turf the customer put in on this lawn. And it’s cool because our Zeon meets up almost right with that Zoysia grass, but I don’t know if you can see it clearly. But our Zoysia is going to match up with the texture and the blade width of that grass. And after this comes out of dormancy a little bit more, it’s greened up quite a bit, came straight out of Houston, and comes in a little bit greener than the grasses do this time of year around the Dallas area.
But it’s about to turn a little bit greener as it gets a little bit warmer, but it’s going to mate up with that artificial turf quite well. So if you have some artificial turf in your backyard, but you want some grass too, you don’t want to go a complete artificial turf lawn, something for the dog, something for the softer touch and feel, but you like the look of some artificial turf, you want some grass to go with it. How are you going to make it all blend well together? And that’s the Zeon Zoysia. It’s a nice fine blade. Zoysia grass grows well in the sun. This is full sun here, so we got nothing but wide-open skies over here.

And then if you got a little bit of shade as well, it’s going to do good. It needs just three hours of sunlight, Zeon Zoysia does. But anyways, if you got some of that fine-bladed AstroTurf, some people call it turf, we call it AstroTurf, but Zeon is a turf, a real turf, that matches well with that artificial turf. So anyways, you can see right there. So anyways, if you’re going to do some artificial turf, we don’t install that kind of stuff, but if you want us to come in and put the finishing touches after you’ve had all of your construction done, we’ve had your artificial turf put in, and you want to put in some real grass as well, we’d love to do that for you. Go to zoysiasod.com, and get a quote from us. We’ll send over a quote within 24 to 48 hours, we can send a satellite estimate to you, and then you can click the link to have me come out and do a measurement on-site. Look for anything weird. Maybe we got too much shade or your property has some weird things that we need to fix.

This property had a huge mound of soil right here, so we had to bring in our rotary tillers and flatten this area out quite a bit before we could put in the sod because you don’t want to have a beautiful, awesome new sod installation with a weird mound in the backyard. So we only could see that. You can’t see that by satellite. So we had to see that by actually getting some eyes on it. We’ll come and do that for you and give you that final quote and get you that sod installation, by some awesome dudes that work really hard. Anyways, give us a call, at (214) 317-8301.

Published by Tanner Maxson

CEO of Main Street Mowing and also the owner of this website showcasing our Zoysia installations. I love Zoysia grass and take a moment and geek out with me a little bit. Review some of the other blog posts I have written.

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