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How to Prepare Your Soil for Sod

Prepare Your Soil for SodWhen you walk or drive by a home, what’s the first thing that you notice? While you may look at the roofing, the front door, and maybe the paint colors on the house, the first aspect you probably notice is the lawn. If the lawn is green, vibrant, and cut just right, then it can leave quite the first impression. But while everyone loves a green lawn that’s maintained perfectly, the yard upkeep can be a long and tiring process. If your dream is to have a beautiful lawn with exceptional curb appeal, then getting new sod laid is the best way to achieve this dream.

There are tons of benefits to installing sod, such as less watering, a denser lawn, and a decrease in erosion. However, there are multiple steps that must be followed to complete a sod installation project successfully. In this post, we’ll talk about one of the most important steps for sod installation: preparing the soil. We’ll talk about what steps need to be followed to ensure a simple and stress-free sod installation process.

Step One: Kill Existing Vegetation

If you’re replacing an old lawn or want to cover up an area infiltrated by weeds, then you’ll want to kill all the vegetation in the area before laying down sod. If you leave any vegetation growing in that area, then it may start to compete with the new grass. One easy way to get rid of those pesky weeds is to use a glyphosate weed killer that attacks the roots of the plant.

Check out these tips when killing the vegetation:

  • Wear appropriate safety equipment.
  • Pay attention to the weather.
  • Never apply chemicals on windy or hot days.
  • Don’t apply too much chemical on the weeds.
  • Some weeds may need two rounds of weed killer.
  • Wait for weeds to die completely before proceeding.

Step Two: Till the Soil

The next step is to loosen up the soil. This is done before planting new sod because it helps to reduce compaction and allows the roots to grow into the soil properly. Another reason is that loose soil tends to hold water better, which means less water needs to be added by you.

Here are some tips for this step:

  • Dig three or four inches into the soil.
  • Move over areas multiple times for better results.
  • For hard soils, you may want to water a day before digging.

Step Three: Rake and Remove Debris

If you’re laying down sod where a lawn or weeds were present, then there might be some dead vegetation left behind. To ensure a smooth growing process for the sod, you’ll want to remove this debris. If you don’t, it can create air pockets that can actually cause the new sod to dry out.

Check out some tips for this important step:

  • Use a metal rake for raking debris.
  • Make sure the soil is as level as possible.
  • To amend the soil or change the grade, spread more topsoil.

Step Four: Apply Fertilizer

Once your new lawn is set, it will need an abundance of nutrients in order for the root system to develop properly. To give your new lawn what it needs to grow at its best, you’ll want to apply some starter fertilizer before the sod is installed. For this step, be sure to wear the appropriate safety equipment, and also read the label of the fertilizer prior to starting the process to ensure the instructions are followed.

Check out some other key tips for this step:

  • Use a hand or walk-behind spreader when applying fertilizer.
  • Apply fertilizer according to its instructions on the bag.
  • Make multiple light passes with the spreader.
  • Never apply with heavy passes.
  • Ensure the application is smooth and uniform.
  • Remove any fertilizer that is pushed onto sidewalks.

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Published by Tanner Maxson

CEO of Main Street Mowing and also the owner of this website showcasing our Zoysia installations. I love Zoysia grass and take a moment and geek out with me a little bit. Review some of the other blog posts I have written.

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