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New Zoysia Grass Putting Surfaces For Home Lawns

A Trip to Bladerunner Farms in Poteet, Texas

I found the best grass I had ever seen.

I met Darrin at the office when I pulled into Bladerunner Farms. You could tell within the first couple of minutes that this farm was serious about Zoysia.  They have unending acres of sod fields dedicated to developing new cultivars of Zoysia which I love to geek out about. 

Bladerunner Farms is a family run business in Poteet, Texas just outside of San Antonio.  They have brought to market some of the best Zoysia varieties on the market today; such as Zeon Zoysia, Trinity Zoysia, Jamur Zoysia, and they are about to release a couple of new ones that will make your head spin.

Zeon Zoysia

In the United States the number one selling Zoysia is Zeon Zoysia and here at Bladerunner, the birthplace of the cultivar, there is Zeon everywhere. Most fields are in a varied state of growth from newly planted, to lush green and ready to cut, to freshly harvested.  

Zeon Sod Pallet
Half Inch Tall Zeon Zoysia Ready For Install – (Photo Courtesy Bladerunner Farms)

In fact here is a Zoysia video of one of the sod harvesting crews filling an order.

“When you order a new lawn from ZoysiaSod.com you will have fresh sod harvested, palletized and trucked to your house within 48 hours. 

I am a fan of growing a lawn short and cutting often to produce a golf green quality turf. There are two new varieties that caught my attention during the sod farm tour, and actually made it hard to leave at the end of my visit. 

The first on the list is a turf called Primo Zoysia

It is great for a home putting green.  In other words, sod your entire lawn and cut a section of your lawn extra short. The blades of grass grow tight together and will not produce ball divots and are excellent to foot traffic with the added benefit of performing better than any Bermuda variety in the shade.

Zoysia Putting Surface
Dwarf – Primo Zoysia Grass Blades

Check out these photos and videos of Primo for home lawns and golf course use.  A great lawn for the homeowner that wants to freak out his neighbors with a golf green lawn slammed to the ground and producing a beautiful green putting surface.

The next type of grass is called 1308 Zoysia and will most likely carry the name Lazer Zoysia when it comes to the market.

Here is a video of the Sprigging and planting operation that is underway to bring this product to market.


The process starts with just a couple of small trays of favorable grass. The trays are divided into plugs and planted to expand the growing area. After established the plant is divided again and again until at last, we have acres of quality turf. 

1308 Zoysia Grass for Putting Green Surfaces
Look at the close up blades of this 1308 zoysia
1308 Zoysia Close Up View

Bladerunner will also license the reproduction of their Zoysia Variety to different farms in different parts of the country in order to bring it to market quickly. The new cultivar 1308, is not quite ready for the public but is likely to take the blue ribbon when golf courses and home lawns catch the 1308 Lazer fever. 1308 is currently the best Zoysia putting surface available due to its uniformity, lack of grain, ease of care and ability to handle sun and shade. For putting you can easily get 12 inches of ball role or better which equates into fast greens and awesomeness.

Currently being developed is a ballfield Zoysia currently called “Stadium”.

The name could change before it is released for sale.  It is a slow-growing brilliant deep green Zoysia. We don’t have any data on it yet but come back and we will have more info on it in the future.

Zoysiasod.com . Stadium Zoysia Grass
Stadium Zoysia for Sports Fields

Improve your lawn with ZoysiaSod.com . 

We install lawns designed for putting greens mowers or regular rotary mowers. You will have a fantastic professional installation that will be the envy of your neighbors. We provide the best in customer service and yes, we are zoysia geeks.  We love what we do and would love to create a winning lawn for you.

Zoysia in the news “Some zoysia grasses tend to have better green color retention during the winter in the West, potentially limiting the need for overseeding,” says David Doquet of Bladerunner Farms. “Many breeders are currently working to improve the winter color retention of both Bermuda and zoysia.”

David Doguet, president of Bladerunner Farms, is one of the Zoysia’s most ardent advocates and groundbreaking pioneers. In January 2019, Bladerunner celebrated the announcement of zoysia’s deployment at seven golf course projects in seven different locations around the world. Doguet agrees that market share significantly trails other turfgrasses. But he has a different theory as to why.

“So far, production is not keeping up with demand,” Doguet says. “Therefore, use fluctuates, depending on availability. We are working on that by licensing key sod producers known for growing high-quality turf for golf around the world.” – excerpt from Golfdom – Zeroing in on ZoysiaBy Shane Sharp

Improve your lawn with ZoysiaSod.com. 

We install lawns designed for putting greens mowers or regular rotary mowers. You will have a fantastic installation that will be worthy of admiration. We provide the best in customer service and yes, we are zoysia geeks.  We love what we do and would love to create a winning lawn for you.

You won’t find an apple to apple comparison from anyone else. No one cares as much about the install process and final product as our team. Our goal is to provide a golf green quality surface for your new turf. We don’t install Bermuda or Saint Augustine. We only install Zoysia and we only provide the best quality workmanship.”  Tanner Maxson, Owner at ZoysiaSod.com

Published by Tanner Maxson

CEO of Main Street Mowing and also the owner of this website showcasing our Zoysia installations. I love Zoysia grass and take a moment and geek out with me a little bit. Review some of the other blog posts I have written.

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