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Will Zoysia Grass Grow In The Shade?

We perform a FREE Sunlight Analysis when we come to measure your lawn.

will zoysia grow in the shade
We can tell you how many hours of sunlight you have?

Many of our clients come to us because they have a shade problem.  Their Bermuda Grass was installed when the builders built the house and now the trees have grown up and the Bermuda grass is getting thin.

They know about Saint Augustine Grass and that it grows in the shade.  But they also know that Saint Augustine is a weak grass that has tons of problems.  Others think that Saint Augustine looks like a weed and there has to be another option.

Good News! Zoysia loves the shade and the sun.

Bermuda needs the most shade.  Direct sunlight all day is what it really loves.  When there are less than 5 hours of sunlight you have to start thinking about other grass types.  Saint Augustine and Zoysia are similar in one aspect.  They only need 3 hours of sunlight to thrive.  We are partial to the look and barefoot grass feel of Zoysia.  We hope that you choose to get a free estimate from us and also take advantage of the process that includes a free sunlight analysis.  It could mean the difference of replanting your grass year after year.

If you can’t get enough sunlight for zoysia, we will show you the honest evidence that our grass is not right for the location.

We will also show you which trees could be pruned so that you are strategic when removing part or all of a tree. We try to save trees. There is nothing worse than removing entire trees on a guess. This part of our process will give you confidence that you are not removing too much while giving your lawn what it needs to grow.

Published by Tanner Maxson

CEO of Main Street Mowing and also the owner of this website showcasing our Zoysia installations. I love Zoysia grass and take a moment and geek out with me a little bit. Review some of the other blog posts I have written.

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